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Don't disturb the stars!

When I was younger, I listed my extra roles on my resume. A casting director advised me to remove them, saying they weren't impressive.

In hindsight, I understand, but:

  • back then, I had little else to list.

  • I still had to wake up at 5 am, wait long hours to be called, and follow repetitive instructions like "walk this way" and "walk back."

  • Often, I didn't even appear in the final shots and wasn't informed when the movie was released.

Being an extra felt like being a shadow in a big production. We were instructed not to bother the stars, not to talk to them, and definitely not to take photos. I obeyed and even lowered my eyes when they walked by.

Now, I question why. Stars owe their fame to the "small people"—the fans who buy tickets.

Thankfully, most stars I've met were approachable.

Once, on the set of The Colony (directed by Tim Fehlbaum), I wanted a photo with a star, Sebastian Roché, one of my mom's favorite actors. The director's assistant arranged a brief chat, and I was thrilled to meet Sebastian. He was kind and took time to talk to me, making it an amazing experience.

I hope to be like Sebastian—kind and approachable—when I am big and buffed.

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