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Cinema & TV

Welcome to the Movies and TV section! Here, you'll find an array of projects that showcase my work in feature films, short films, TV movies, and series. Each project has been a unique adventure, allowing me to explore diverse roles and storytelling styles. From intense dramas to light-hearted comedies, these films and series have shaped my career and honed my craft. Dive in to discover the stories, characters, and collaborations that have defined my journey on screen.

2011 - 100 Years of Chevrolet

Casting by Atelier 229

2015 - Usfahrt Oerlike

Casting by Glaus Casting     -     Director: Paul Riniker

2021 - Si le ciel est avec nous

Director: Frederic d'Elia


2023 - L'accord de trop

Director: Mahery Reydellet

2024 - When We Meet Again

Director: Mischa Decurtins

2024 - Follow us #iCarus

Director: Caro Wloka

2021 - Harceles (M6, TV movie)

Director: Olivier Barma


2022 - Emma Lügt (SRF, TV serie)

Director: Bettina Oberli

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