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Introducing Leo Saint Thomas, a dynamic actor whose talent shines through self-tapes and scene renditions. These meticulously crafted videos offer a glimpse into Leo's versatility, range, and dedication to the craft of acting. With each performance, Leo brings characters to life with depth and authenticity, captivating casting agents and audiences alike. Whether embodying dramatic intensity or comedic flair, Leo's passion for storytelling resonates in every frame. From gripping monologues to iconic movie scenes, these videos serve as a testament to Leo's skill and potential, providing casting agents with a compelling insight into his capabilities and promising future in the industry.

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Prof Andre, Comedy - Episode 1: Meeting the Dean Debacle

Prof Andre, Comedy - Episode 1: Meeting the Dean Debacle

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Vlog, episode 2: Artistic Residency

Vlog, episode 2: Artistic Residency

This vlog is about the Life of an Actor Today's episode (#:2) Leo Saint Thomas' Writing Retreat & New Movie Script! 🎬✍️ Hey everyone! 🌟 Welcome back to my channel. In today's vlog, I'm sharing an exciting update from the life of an actor - yours truly, Leo Saint Thomas. 😊 I just got back from an incredible writing retreat in the serene mountains, where I had the chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and dive deep into creativity. The peaceful surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for brainstorming and writing, and I can't wait to tell you all about it! During the retreat, I teamed up with my talented friend and fellow writer, Fabio Stecher, to work on a brand-new movie script. 📜 The storyline is shaping up to be something truly special, and we're both thrilled with how it's coming along. From character development to plot twists, we're pouring our hearts into every page. ❤️ In this vlog, you'll get an inside look at: The beautiful retreat location and our cozy writing setup 🏞️ Our creative process and brainstorming sessions 🧠💡 🤫 🤪 Join me on this exciting journey as we bring this new project to life. Your support and feedback mean the world to me, so don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you haven't already. Let's make some movie magic together! ✨🎥 🔔 Turn on the notification bell so you don't miss any updates! #ActorLife #WritingRetreat #NewMovieScript #LeoSaintThomas #CreativeJourney #BehindTheScenes #MovieMaking #Filmmaking #Vlog #CreativityUnleashed #WritingCommunity #ScriptWriting #HollywoodDreams Thank you so much for watching and being a part of this amazing community. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting content coming your way! Catch you in the next vlog! ✌️ Leo 📱 Follow me on social media: Instagram: @LeoSaintThomas Twitter: @LeoSaintThomas Website: #ActorVlog #WritingLife #MovieMagic #StayCreative #FilmCommunity #NewScript #CreativeVibes
Vlog, episode 1:  Introduction
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