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Interview with Hassan Camara

Hassan Camara is the founder of Ashes’ Culture and Ashes’ Productions

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him for an entire afternoon, which we spent on a bench in the Swiss woods, filming the first podcast episode of his new show. 

All quotes you will read in this text were words exchanged between Hassan and myself during our Podcast Episode that I translated from Swiss German to English. 

You can see Episode 1 by clicking HERE

I wholeheartedly support this man, his vision, and his plan. He embodies the ideal artist for what I call the "vague réal" (a name I use for the movement of young filmmakers who are learning as they go, and produce an impressive amount of content). Now, more than ever, we need polyvalent, talented, and benevolent individuals like Hassan. Ashes’ Culture fosters the growth and development of artists by providing motivational and inspirational content.

Follow him on Insta: @official.ashesculture

I deeply appreciate the time we spent together. We laughed, discussed, debated, and even argued, and these exchanges left me with a richer mind and a calmer spirit.

“Ashes culture is meant to accompany artists on their rise. Many people have a vision and a desire to achieve it no matter what.  I believe that there are many people who have that extra something that enables them to achieve. I thought, ‘why not create a brand that can be a symbol for people, for exactly those people. People like you (Léo Saint Thomas) and me, and other creatives that have that little spark’. All they need is a push, maybe the right symbol is enough. A community can help push them to achieve their goals.”

These are Hassan's opening words in our podcast episode. Ashes’ Culture stands as a powerful symbol, inviting all artists to engage. For me, it has also become a beacon, emphasizing the critical importance of believing in oneself and one’s ideas.

Marco Liera, founder and CEO of the clothing brand -4554, introduced me to Ashes’ Culture. He eagerly shared Instagram Reel after Reel featuring Hassan, who spoke directly to the camera, sharing tips he had tested and lessons learned on his journey.

I thought then, “This is one of the most helpful things I've ever seen.” What better way for us artists to learn than from our peers out there in the field?

Hassan is also a writer, an editor and director. 

“I love writing scripts.”

Hassan possesses a quality I have recognized in other fine writers such as Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino. Hassan directs while he acts.

What does that mean?

As we set up the cameras and got acquainted, Hassan deftly sidestepped my direct questions. When I inquired about his approach, he explained it was to ensure our on-camera conversation felt genuine and spontaneous. Respecting his intent, I went along with it.

And... He was absolutely right. 

Such thoughts originate from minds immersed in their visions, catching the latest wave of creativity they encountered on their mental beach that day, steadfastly riding it to its culmination.

These individuals, whom I term Dream Surfers, generate their own momentum and possess the self-assurance to see their visions to fruition.

I deeply admire such individuals, and I am especially grateful to Hassan for our inspiring conversation.

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